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Amelia Josefina Gray

About Amelia

Amelia's odyssey began on December 14, 2010, when at the tender age of sixteen a discovery of a massive tumor was made. Within a few days, Amelia found herself in the big cities where the doctors diagnosed Amelia with liver cancer. 


By the time the doctors realized what they were dealing with the cancer was already at Stage Four, which gave Amelia less than a one percent chance of survival. Despite the bad news, Amelia was determined to "Win and kick some tumor butt," as she would say. This saying was her mantra and this moment was the start of Amelia's long journey dealing with cancer.

After a grueling surgery of more than ten hours to remove as much of the tumor as possible, Amelia faced many unknowns as she tried to deal with something that nobody would ever want to deal with. The medical professionals used a plethora of different chemotherapy and radiation treatments. In the end, her treatments turned the situation quickly into a fight for life itself. 

Amelia's faith became very intense as she was always hopeful despite her grim prognosis. In the days before all of this, Amelia was hesitant to open up or even talk with new people, but that suddenly changed.  She now found the need to become very outgoing.  It was like watching a flower bloom.

Amelia learned to advocate for herself, while still being a kind and caring soul.  She would always close a conversation by saying, "Have a Good day!"  That gesture, along with her bright and beautiful smile and gentle attitude, was enough to win the hearts of hundreds of people she met during her journey.

Amelia demonstrated a level of courage beyond belief.  She took on a battle which no child should ever have to wage.  Although she was only given months to live at the beginning of her ordeal, Amelia was no typical cancer patient.  She survived much longer and went beyond all the predictions in the end. 

Amelia continued to attend Red River High School where she loved to be in the classroom with her friends and teachers. During this time, she attended prom and graduated with her class in May of 2012. Amelia also celebrated her eighteenth birthday in May; this is where she was very excited to become an official adult!

Although Amelia spent her time listening to rap music - especially Eminem - her interest in Christian music grew along with her Faith. Amelia became a huge fan of the band Casting Crowns. She loved getting the chance to meet all the members of the band backstage in April of 2012.

Amelia fought hard with honor and dignity every step of the way. However, cancer eventually spread throughout her little body. Her brave fight was coming to an end.  On October 24, 2012, after battling cancer for six hundred and eighty-two days, Amelia took her last long breath here on earth.

She then stepped into Heaven; her fight was over. At that point, she was now in a place where cancer could never win, and the pain could never exist. The pain continues for all those left behind who came to love Amelia dearly. However this website hopes to soothe that pain of anyone suffering. This art  and music is made of hope of healing - it is inspired directly from Amelia. Those who loved Amelia look at this site as an inspiring dedication to Amelia Josefina Gray. It is how she continues her healing work right here and now, but from above.

Amelia's Celebration of Life

"It is not always on how long one lives in life, but moreover how one's life is lived. There are some

who choose to throw life away - while others cling to each  moment of life, no  matter how  short -

just to know that in this world that they have made a difference."

In God's Hands, We Must All Trust

May 18, 2011

Mark Gray

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