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A Letter of Hope to Those Grieving

This letter comes to you from a place and time in life when most people have a hard time dealing with, let alone understand, what you are going through. They just do not have a clue. One day your family is doing great and life is looking good, then the next day your child is diagnosed with a terminal illness and everything changes.

I have walked through this journey in life and in doing so, I am able to write and talk with you as one who has traveled down this road with our daughter “Amelia” who was diagnosed with liver cancer at stage 4, she was only 16 years old at the time. At that point you will find a huge change in the family unit, stress levels go through the roof as you pray hard for your little child as you try and find all the answers.

The grief we feel is part of who we are, it makes no difference of race, man or woman. Grief is that deep feeling of lost, the one thing that no one what’s to talk about but it’s always there, day or night, rain or shine. Grief is different for all of us, when you lose your child, life is never the same and the pain does not go away, it just changes form with time.

In the coming weeks I will share with you from the perspective of a father and our fight for life with “Amelia”. You are not alone in your fight because there are those who have come before you in this journey and there is hope for your family to make it to the other side of grief. With God’s strength and love you will find your faith and hope in the tomorrows yet to come. Your pain is true and your grief real, so come with me as we travel this journey together one day at a time and let the healing begin.


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