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Grand Opening to the Official Web Site of Tender Grace Music

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

This web site is all made possible by my good friend Melissa Beauvais of who has spent countless hours building the site. Our sincere thanks for all the hard work.

You are invited to come and check out the web site for yourself and find this the place to be for uplifting music and inspirational stories.

Inspired by Amelia and her courageous battle for life, this web site is Founded on one simple principle, and that is to offer hope in difficult times when dealing with a child or anyone else being diagnosed with a terminal illness. Coming from the perspective as a parent who understands the real meaning of going the extra mile, turning over every stone, looking for all the answers and praying, because we too were faced with a battle for life with our daughter Amelia who at sixteen was diagnosed with liver cancer at stage 4.

The immediate goal of Tender Grace Music is to offer the Hope, Love and Faith through music and words of encouragement to those loved ones that are faced with an uncertainty in their lives.

With the album “Enduring” it is the goal of Tender Grace Music to donate 20% of any album sold on this web site to Children Cancer Organizations to help children in there fight with cancer.

Back at the studio, Tender Grace is busy working on their new album “Enduring” which is scheduled for release in 2019.

Tender Grace Music has partnered with the “The Amelia Josefina Gray Humanitarian Scholarship” so please check it out and donate. It’s worth your time to help keep the dream of Higher Education alive for Amelia.

To all the loyal fans on Jango, welcome and thanks for stopping by. Remember you can find us on SoundCloud and YouTube as well. P.S. and please remember “Pass Along A Smile” this is what Amelia would do.


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